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Service / consultation

  • Free consultation 

  • Inform clients of impending problems and fee may vary accordingly.

  • Check bikes for damage and diagnose problems.

  • Immediate adjust gears and brakes, inflate tires then test to check cycle is roadworthy.


  • Quality frames are available,
    new or vintage.

  • Strip and clean bike parts
    from old frames.

  • Rebuild and lube bike parts and rebuild onto the new frame.

  • Build custom bikes and custom
    paint jobs.


  • Clean and inspect
    front and rear brake parts.

  • Adjust front and rear brakes
    to avoid accidents.

  • Lube pivot points and
    resurfaces pads.

  • Lube outer cables and replace
    inner cables.


  • Remove rear derailleur and re-align the rear gear hanger than re-install derailleur & adjust gears.

Gear Overhaul

  • Clean and inspect and / or replace chain, freewheel or cassette. 

  • Lube front and rear derailleur gears and outer cables.

  • Check derailleur hanger for straightening and adjust as necessary. 

  • Replace inner cables with new cables and lube outer housing.

  • Check operation of gears and adjust as needed.

Cycle Cleaning

  • Power washing. Also available curbside during the winter months.

  • Inspect – Lube and clean entire cycle and degreasing drivetrain.

  • Re-lube chain, derailleurs, and all pivot points.

  • Touch-up paint jobs.

Please note this is a small selection of the services we offer, please contact us for more information.



“Will fixed my gears and tuned up my bike he did quality work all for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend BikeFixNYC. As a courier and as someone who works with other messengers, I must say Will is one of the most straight up and upstanding bike mechanics I’ve ever had the opportunity to do business with. Reasonable prices and quick work! Highly recommend him for anyone looking for bikes or anyone in need of repairs!”

— Voravong Nachampassak

“Excellent service. Got a secondhand bike, works perfectly and got good instructions on how to make it NYC proof. The owner is very kind and helpful.”

— Sandra Van Der Sommen

“Will is a great guy! My new neighborhood go-to. Appreciate the insight and fast service.”

— Brett Banducci

“Will fixed my gears and tuned up my bike he did quality work all for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend BikeFixNYC.”

— Alejandro Hernadez

“I had my own and my little brother’s bike fixed a few weeks ago, and it was a great and easeful experience. The service was speedy and the quality was far above what I expected. Would recommend!”

— De La Petrillo-Foster

“Great service and prices for messengers!”

Mobarak Nabil

“Will hooked me up for a good price replacing spokes on my electric.”

— Pucho Colon